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Great News for you and your tenant’s safety. You will be confident in our services as the IFDIA certification is held by very few companies in Hawaii. IAS, the accrediting body for the International Building Code has recognized our accreditation. Additionally all our inspectors are trained beyond national standards for a level 2 certification that is more intensive initially and includes ongoing training. As you are aware these standards require building owners to complete fire door drop testing and inspections annually and to keep documentation of all inspections. We ensure your fire doors are consistently providing you with safe, superior operation and full protection.

Fire Door Drop Testing Services Include:

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• Trained and certified technicians provide inspection, testing and certification of your facility fire doors to meet NFPA 80 Section 15-2.4.3-5 requirements

• Written fire door inspection and drop test report for your records along with recommendations for needed repairs and replacement

• Fire door certification tag for your fire door indicating the date of inspection and certification

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• Copies of your compliance records are kept in our company records in case of emergency

• When enrolled, you will be contacted on an annual basis to schedule any future service appointments so you are always in compliance

We test and certify all types of fire doors. Rolling Steel, Hollow metal, stair and smoke corridor doors, emergency exits of all types. We will work with you to ensure you meet code and protect your residents/tenants correctly. Keep safe and be ready when the inspectors come – partner with Fire Doors Hawaii today.

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