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Raynor Hawaii Gate and Operator Repair

Raynor Hawaii has helped homeowners and commercial clients like yourself with their automated gate needs for years. Raynor can install a sliding gate or automatic gate system on your property depending on what is most efficient and safe for you.

We also install or repair gate operators on your existing system. We stock many parts and work with all manufacturers so we can offer you the best solution for your needs. You will want to know that automating an existing residential gate can cost between $4,000 to $10,000 or more. If you need the gate with the operator, pricing starts around $10,000 for a gate and motor and increases from there.

Do you have a design or an idea in-mind? If so, we can scedule a consultation to discuss your needs and how to create the solution you need. There are many different kinds of gates and gate operators available for us to install, and they can cover everything from a simple, small driveway opening to a large, multi-lane driveways, or even ones with monitored ingress and egress. Our wood gates can be custom built, and we can also supply you with a wide number of iron and steel options for your property. We can create a gate for almost any kind of opening, whether it is a fully automated system with keypad entry, or a simple but attractive hand-operated gate for your home or business, Raynor can take care of it for you.

Take a look at some of our projects below and if the pricing listed above sounds good, Request a Quote.

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